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House MD Drabbles
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House MD drabbles
Since the only existing House MD Drabble community seems to have died long ago I decided to create a new one to celebrate the start of series 6. Come and join the fun. :)

1. Fics posted here should be 100 words of length. I obviously won't count if it's exactly 100 and I'm not too strict on this but it should be your aim to have 100 words, no more, no less.
2. Every Monday a new challenge is posted, you are very much encouraged to post drabbles based on the current challenge but other entries are welcome too. However, please indicate if your entry is based on the current prompt or not.
3. Slash, het, femmeslash, everything is very welcome here. All ratings are allowed, but please put anything above PG-13 behind a cut.
4. Please tag your posts. After your first post I will give you an author tag. Pairings are listed in alphabetical order (so Chase/House as opposed to House/Chase).
5. No off-topic posts, no advertising your own community, if you have anything you want to share with other members, please contact me first.
6. Spoiler policy: Add a spoiler warning if your drabble contains any information about season 6, no warning in necessary for earlier seasons.

Please use the following form when posting:
Word Count:
Author's Notes: (optional)

If you have any questions send me a message at either of the following accounts: sunsetdawn20 or sunset_my_house

Have Fun!

Your Mod,

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